I value your curiosity.

Although I’m not a pro at writing a killer “about me” page, I did my best to come up with something here to set my readers’ expectations.

I created PRSNLAFK, and intend to keep this blog going for as long as I can, to candidly write about my life – everything I’d like to share. I only publish my own writing so you’re guaranteed 100% realness in every post.

This is not one of those “my life is way better than yours” lifestyle blogs. If you fancy reading an old-fashioned authentic personal blog, you’ve stumbled across one. What a time to be alive.

obviously a stock photo

It’s not my first shot at blogging, but this time, I’d like to stay anonymous. You can call me Aria. Just so I don’t have to keep editing this page whenever I age, I was born in 1985. I’m a freelancer based in the Philippines, but this blog is not meant for showcasing what I do for a living.

To be honest, I need an escape from my daily routine and somehow I find comfort in blogging, even better when no one knows who I am. I’ve tried the loud and proud approach to this in the past, it’s not for me, it simply didn’t feel right.

All in all, I am a moderately happy individual. Life’s good for the most part.

Now to finish this masterpiece with an edgy quote, here you go:

You never appreciate your anonymity until you don’t have it anymore.
– Jason Priestley