Cheap Domain and Hosting Renewal

Renewal cost is arguably the most important aspect of maintaining a website. Domain registration and hosting prices are amazing for any service provider in the first year/term. The real challenge is finding a reliable but cheap domain and hosting renewal. If you’re eager to start your own blog, you may want to explore the services I’m using. They could work for you too!

Cheap Hosting Renewal

The majority of seasoned bloggers, even WordPress recommend Bluehost (which is kind of a big deal since WP powers more than 40% of the entire internet) so I checked out their plans. The obstacle for me is paying for at least 36 months upfront (around 99 USD without add-ons) to take advantage of the cheapest advertised rates. Same thing with SiteGround and other popular web hosting providers. If I’m being honest, it doesn’t make sense for beginners to spend too much on the first try.

It’s better to go with modest but reliable options out there, in my opinion. I’m using Hostinger and have had no complaints so far. I like that they have shorter renewal terms and payments not limited to credit cards. You can use PayPal and even cryptocurrencies like Komodo, PotCoin, and Qtum. Renewal pricing is higher than the introductory offer, but still cheaper compared to other hosting services.

Hostinger Single Web Hosting Renewal
Hostinger Single Web Hosting Renewal

Cheap Domain Renewal

Another thing to look at is whether it is a good idea to register a domain name with the hosting provider or separately through a domain name registrar like Porkbun. Some people register their domains with the hosting company and it’s okay to take that route. My preference though is purchasing them separately to get the best of both worlds. Switching service providers, if needed, is easier with an unbundled domain name and hosting service. I really appreciate the free WHOIS privacy and SSL certificate that comes with my domain name from Porkbun and the renewal price is fantastic. Definitely check them out.

Porkbun Domain Renewal
Porkbun Domain Renewal

Hope This Helps

Finding the perfect mix of cheap domain and hosting renewal pricing paired with reliability is a real challenge. I’ve tried numerous services and the two companies I mentioned here are simply amazing.

If I were to pick a starting point for learning about blogging, I’d begin by taking some “Are you ready to blog?” quizzes online. There are lots and lots of other amazing informative sites out there, of course, seek them and you shall find them (by that, I mean, Google it). In the end, it all boils down to one’s enthusiasm to discover and make use of the knowledge acquired from all sources.