Do Adult Braces Hurt on a Scale of 1 to 10?

First of all, I want to reassure my 4.04k unique visitors over a 30-day period that I am fine despite the inactivity of this blog. Happy New Year to most people, I can only hope life gets easier for everyone. I don’t actively seek and consume all the news but I’m aware of what’s happening. I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do with all the information. Thus, like everyone else, I put myself first. I started an orthodontic treatment a.k.a. adult braces.

Are adult braces a good idea?

In my case, I have a misplaced midline and mild deep bite that sometimes causes jaw pain so yeah it is a good idea. I’ve been to several dentists over the years and was only advised that I’m a good candidate for orthodontic treatment recently.

Growing up, my teeth were not overly crooked or anything. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought only 2 teeth needed to be straightened. I don’t have speech issues, no problems eating either. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t take us to the dentist regularly and after years of neglect, I had to get 2 of my bottom molars extracted. Learn from this kids, don’t make babies in the future if you can’t afford regular visits to the dentist. 😬

No dental implants or partial dentures were added to the spaces. As a result, my bottom teeth had shifted. This wasn’t an overnight thing though. It was a gradual movement for about 17 years. To be honest, I would have kept ignoring it if not for the jaw clicking and pain.

Do braces take longer for adults?

Definitely longer than kids’ treatment. I was given an estimate of 3.5 years. I’m not planning on missing any of my orthodontic adjustments, so I’m hoping to finish sooner – if that’s possible. Oh God, I have bite turbos as well, and I’m telling you right now it’s not a lovely experience. I CANNOT CHEW PROPERLY.

I can consume food but the bite turbos take the joy out of it. Oh well, I’ve been eating with gusto for over 30 years so I’ll be okay. Losing a few extra pounds will not be the death of me.

Is it worth getting braces at 30+?

I think it’s fine despite the discomfort. My sister thought I looked younger with braces on. My husband said I have that “ngiting kolehiyala”, which translates to a college girl smile. I feel like shit but at least I look alright on the outside. I’ve always had a real talent for hiding my pain anyway.

On a serious note, neglecting oral health can lead to more problems in the future. So getting braces at 30-ish is alright. The post-treatment benefits far outweigh the occasional canker sores. Trust me. I am writing this with 100% certainty and gum pressure.

How painful are adult braces exactly?

It depends on how much teeth movement is necessary and what types of orthodontic appliances are required for your treatment. In my case, the orthodontist only installed brackets up to my second to the last molars, and bite turbos on two upper molars. I didn’t even consider taking pain relievers because there wasn’t any unbearable pain.

Honestly, the most uncomfortable part of getting braces for the first time is the length of time needed to keep your mouth open. The orthodontist stretched my lips to their absolute maximum and inserted mirrors in my mouth to take photos of my teeth. And then they had to keep my entire mouth dry while installing the brackets. Jesus Christ, my throat felt like the Dubai desert. As I lay there, I thought, well this doesn’t feel good but at least I’m not giving birth right now. 😝

Expect that in most cases, there won’t be any lingering pain. Only be brief moments of discomfort when eating or brushing your teeth.

How do you eat when wearing ADULT braces?

My jaw felt a bit sore on the first day and I made sure to eat before getting my braces installed so I didn’t have to consume anything after. The second day, I had minestrone and spinach lasagna – these were soft but chewing was a struggle. I found that it’s slightly comfortable to chew on my right side when I push the food to the back molars.

The third day, I was eating some jelly without a care in the world, and I thought I could use the rest of my teeth. The jelly had nata de coco (a.k.a. coconut gel) in it, and I bit a couple with my bicuspids. Judas Priest, my life flashed before my eyes. Turns out my bicuspids were not yet ready for business.

Fast forward to today, I had scrambled eggs and bread for breakfast. I softened the bread by microwaving it for about 15 seconds. And then for lunch, I had some chicken soup and rice. It’s starting to get easier to eat day after day.

Stuff to make my adult braces life bearable

Ortho toothbrush makes brushing more effective. Water flosser is a must, I appreciate it more now that I have braces on. My teeth have tight gaps and string flossing is harder now so I’m also using interdental brushes. I wonder if there’s anything smaller than 0.4mm though, because it still won’t fit in some of my teeth gaps.

Got some ortho flossers but I’m scared to use it. I find it difficult to control the angle and feels like it will detach my brackets. It probably works for some people but not for me.

I’m starting to feel the irritation in my cheeks due to the brackets rubbing when eating and talking so I ordered ortho wax too. I should probably get an oral gel for mouth sores just in case.

Anyway, I’ll end it here, bye for now.