Finding Time to Blog Regularly

I’ve been wasting a lot of time on YouTube again these past few days. And then I realized my blog hasn’t been updated for a while. I am doing fantastic, by the way, despite the gloomy weather. It’s been raining a lot here in the Philippines. Amegakure no Sato (Village Hidden by Rain) realness at the moment. If my world does not revolve around making money, I’d sleep all day.

My tailbone hurts. Not sure when it started, but after sitting for an hour or so, I’m almost afraid to stand up. It could be because of this chair I’m using or I already have some type of medical condition. You know what, I should just sit on the bed. My ass does not hurt over there. [proceeds to sit on the bed]


When I hear people say, there’s not enough time, I couldn’t agree more. And based on my experience, it’s especially true for people working 8 hours plus. At this time, I am limiting myself to 4-5 hours of work daily. I could certainly go all out with maybe 12 to 16 hours, no one’s stopping me. But I don’t want to, hehe. I’d be in all sorts of pain if I do that. My left shoulder and tailbone areas are in constant pain as it stands. I am definitely stocking up on Salonpas this weekend.

My hands don’t hurt as much since I reduced my working hours. This blog thing I’m doing is nothing like work at all. IRL I spend maybe 3 hours laying on my bed thinking and then sitting up to type stuff. I mean, no one’s paying me to blog. It’s something I do just to chill. No one’s keeping track of my productivity here.

Gosh, a neighbor is having some construction/renovation done. Kinda loud. I have my headphones on listening to one of ChilledCow’s playlists but I can still hear the jackhammer. I’m tempted to switch to louder genres, however, I can’t think when listening to Through The Fire And Flames sort of music. Also, my ears hurt when I use headphones paired with brutal audio for too long.

Wow, all these pains, and I’m not even 40 yet.


I really want to blog something at least once a week. Looking at my weekly routine, I have Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to write. No chance on Wednesdays and weekends as I deal with people (usually my husband just won’t leave me be) on those days. So yeah, M-T-Th-F could work for me.

Spending less time on social media and avoiding naps makes the day feel longer. I still stay up until like 1 AM because that’s just how my brain works. Facebook has no power over me at this point, I find Instagram more tolerable. But YouTube is a personal black hole. I could easily waste hours of my life on that site.

I’m not even the time management type. I do quite the opposite actually. Instead of adding more stuff to my limited waking hours, I try to find as much time to simply chill and be unproductive. TBH, I don’t even want to start a series on Netflix or anywhere if I can’t finish the whole thing in a solid week or two. Setting boundaries and sticking to an alternating schedule of work and fun is not the kind of person I am.

If I’m working, I am not thinking about anything else but that. However, if I’m having fun, I am not stopping until I feel like it or till the people around me feel that I should go to therapy. What a freak, amirite?

Well, it’s almost 6 PM, still got time to masturbate before cooking dinner. LMAO