Living My Best Life, I Guess

Fighting the urge to take a nap is why I’m here again. I need to stay awake until dinner time so blogging should do the trick. I am really working on living my best life while sticking to a normal sleep schedule. My current clients are awesome, by the way. They’re totally fine with me working during the day (my time) which is nice.

So what’s going on with the world lately? I gotta be honest with you, sometimes I don’t even want to check the news anymore. Knowing what’s happening around the world, particularly the bad stuff, is plain frustrating. I mean, seriously, what can I do about the world’s problems after hearing about them in the news?

I’ve always been fascinated by my father’s need, an obsession almost, with the news. Growing up, we only had one television. As you would expect, it’s not our family’s TV – it’s my father’s TV. When he’s home, it’s either basketball or the news, no cartoons and girly unicorn rainbow farts for us. One time, out of desperation, I asked him, “What’s the point of watching bad situations happen to people? What are you going to do about it?”.

Living My Best Life: Slapped

I can’t remember his exact response but his point was to simply stay informed. And he most likely slapped me for talking back to him instead of quietly handing over the remote and admitting defeat. I got slapped a lot as a child so perhaps my father is a great guy, it’s a shame I’m having trouble remembering nice things.

Anyway, my husband doesn’t slap me but he’s equally obsessed with staying informed. Whenever I start a, “Hey, have you heard the news…” conversation with him, he already knows about it. Of course, I’ve also asked him what he’s planning to do with all the “awareness”. And you’re not gonna believe what he told me. Nothing.

So there you have it, kids. According to my research, two out of this planet’s male population consume the news only for awareness and perhaps entertainment. They don’t really plan on doing anything with all the information.


Big thanks to my father for slapping me dozens of times as a child. If my husband dares to slap me one day, I will slap him harder. I guarantee it.