Zombie Ipsum is Dead to Me

Well hello there. Google has been aggressively crawling my Zombie Ipsum post, great. I could have turned off indexing, however, I did not. If I keep delaying creating real content written by a living person, my site will really look dead. For my first article, I am going to briefly talk about setting up my site. The services I used to put everything together and what I hope to achieve from doing all this.

Domain and Hosting

I purchased my domain name on Porkbun after long hours of expert googling. Although I’ve never heard of them, review sites are showing good prices for renewal so I gave them a shot. Most domain registrars sell for cheap but charge a lot for renewal. I want to keep using this lovely domain so renewal cost matters to me. Aside from the nice domain pricing, and free SSL, I also appreciate the humor on their website. Furthermore, the pink pig is my spirit animal and pork buns taste great.

For hosting, I almost convinced myself that it’s probably a good idea to use WordPress.com Premium plan. Mainly for automatic approval to WordAds and access to premium themes. However, after doing more reading, I decided not to take that route. To enjoy the full benefits of WordPress.com, I need to get on the Business plan and pay $25 a month. Their cheaper plans do not include the ability to install plugins and that’s a deal-breaker for me. It costs too much for a single-author blog! I’m not even planning on using this site to promote myself as a freelancer.

I only want a simple personal blog so I purchased HostBlast’s Gold Package. Only $12 total for a year of hosting. I know the company has mixed reviews online, took the risk anyway. I haven’t experienced anything that requires contacting their support team. (No longer using HostBlast. I’ve switched to Hostinger and loving it so far.)

Long Time No See, WordPress

I did all the work in installing the site and configuring all the things that would make it look decent. I haven’t used WordPress.org in a while and I am pleasantly surprised with the improvements in theme customization. It’s not as complicated as it used to. The one thing I didn’t like at all is the Gutenberg editor. What the hell is that? I need to educate myself on using the new editor because I don’t get it. I immediately switched back to the classic version.

Zombie Ipsum Apocalypse

Now, what exactly are my intentions for creating this blog? Experts say the best way for us bilingual or multilingual people to polish communicating in another language is to keep using it. I consider writing as a hobby, for now. But I am also looking at possibly monetizing this site. To do that, creating original content in English is essential. I might also take some online courses on SEO in my spare time to see if I can learn stuff that works and apply it here.

I’m excited and I look forward to creating articles that at least 1 stranger will like. Find zombie Ipsum here if you need a frightful filler for your own site.