What Took Me So Long?

Ugh, finally felt like writing again. My schedule has opened up a bit after months of grinding, distractions, and life happening in general. I could have easily used AI to generate blog posts for me, but that’s just dull. Mediocre journalling skills FTW. So, what have I been up to for the past 290 days? A lot and not much at the same time. Looks like my last post was around the end of November 2022, the following month was a typical December. I think I only took a few days off for a family trip but worked most of the month. And that’s all for 2022.

2023 😬

2023 rolled in and right after the New Year’s celebration, we received bad news about my sister’s health. I’m not going to get into the details but long story short, I had to rush a Visa application and fly to Australia. I spent a few months there until my sister was somewhat okay. She has not recovered 100% when I left but I can only stay within the duration allowed in the Visa. Don’t worry, internet strangers, my sister is doing okay as of this writing.


My bank account bled as soon as 2023 starts. And for the first time my husband and I “celebrated” our wedding anniversary apart. Because I was in Australia and he couldn’t stay there for as long as I did due to his work. I guess emergency travel is one of the freedoms of freelancers like me. We had a trip planned earlier this year but I had to cancel everything. My mom felt really bad that my husband and I were not together on our anniversary but I wasn’t too bummed about it. She doesn’t know my husband cheated on me in 2019.

Battery Hack

Okay, so I flew back to the Philippines and celebrated my birthday buffet style. I’m 38 years old now, WTF. I finally bought a new laptop after 7 years! Oh my goodness, my old laptop can’t even boot up anymore because the battery is dead. It has a non-removable battery and I couldn’t find an original or safe battery replacement any more. If you also find yourself in this situation, disable the battery from your device manager so you can keep using your laptop until you’re able to purchase a new one.

I’m guilty of being careless with my old laptop’s battery. Often leaving it plugged in for days and for no reason. Thank you for your service, old laptop.

SRSLY Tho What Took Me So Long?

I am proud to announce that I have reached episode 939 of One Piece, still have more work to do, I know. Felt like I needed a break once again, and then the Netflix live-action happened. The adaptation is pretty good as everyone says, almost perfect in my opinion. I believe it’s a good crash course for people who haven’t read the manga or watched the anime. My husband never considered watching the anime with me because he’s not a fan of the art style and doesn’t have the attention span for 1000+ episodes, but he genuinely enjoyed the Netflix show.

No Promises This Time

I am about to get busy again starting next week. I don’t know for sure when my next post is going to be. I believe this blog went offline (or was broken) for a while and I only had time to get everything fixed this month. But I honestly have no plans of taking it down, in fact, my hosting service should be good for another couple of years.

See you in my next monologue (hopefully) soon.