Anonymous Blogger Unmasking Paranoia

Saying, I’m not in the least paranoid that someone I know might find this blog, is a lie. What if they magically figure out it’s mine and spread the word (like I’m an internet-famous anonymous blogger celebrity). Or perhaps some anti-personal-bubble secret organization that takes pleasure in unmasking anon bloggers for no reason comes after me.

But in reality, what are the odds of that happening? After some hours of expert Googling, pretty slim. Especially if I refrain from engaging in unlawful content creation about politics, famous personalities, and businesses.

Based on articles I’ve read on the internet, it appears that bloggers (anonymous or not), can get into trouble for a number of reasons as outlined here and here. Although, IMO attracting unwanted attention happens more to anon bloggers with a huge following. Eventually forcing them to reveal themselves.

Anonymous Blogger Paranoia

I’m not expecting my blog to reach some level of fame but I still want to make sure I’m not violating any laws. Whenever I see news about bloggers getting “unmasked”, how exactly does that happen? Assuming an anonymous blogger may choose not to respond to written communication or even phone calls, are there threats, intimidation, mind games involved? Holy cow, what a wonderful world we live in.

There’s this old article about formerly anonymous bloggers who either revealed their identities voluntarily or were forced to. Still wondering about “the force” used on these people. The one from the Star Wars universe probably. Anyway, here’s one from my country. I’m kind of jealous, that guy’s got an Adsense account and I don’t hehe.

Yet despite knowing the risks, here I am trying to be mysterious. No one in my circle knows about this blog, not even my husband. So I guess, I’m gonna have to experience the unmasking ordeal if it happens to me. I’m not challenging anyone to do it. Please, don’t. I just want to blog in peace.