I Can’t Say Yes To Graveyard Shift Anymore

In another post, I’ve mentioned my lack of freelance work and so I’d like to write a little bit about that. Part of me wants to just take on whatever comes my way. Yet I feel conflicted about accepting graveyard shift jobs again.  Since the majority of the offers I get are from North American employers, it means I must stay up all night. After years of sacrificing my health for money, I don’t think my body can take a graveyard shift anymore.

Last night, I got an invitation from a potential client looking for someone to work from 9 AM to 5 PM Central, Monday to Friday. The hourly rate indicated in the job post was okay, average. They got my attention, although, I didn’t respond immediately. I believe it was around 11 PM my time when I checked my email, and I’m about to slide onto my comfy bed. So, you know, I decided to sleep and figure out how I feel about this the next day.

I didn’t die in my sleep so I got up and checked the job post again. I must say I’m amused by the “stay hungry, stay humble” bit they included in the job description. Turns out I’m not that hungry to yield my REM sleep so I respectfully declined.

Graveyard Shift Work-Life Imbalance

Have you heard of chronotypes? I took an online quiz for fun and not surprisingly the results say I’m a wolf. I should not be complaining about working all night, right? But does the world function in favor of wolves? Hell no. Our system dictates that we do business during the day and go to bed at night. Working on a graveyard shift entails missing out on almost everything that happens on normal people’s schedules. Also, staying up all night and sleeping all day is extreme, even for a wolf.

Based on chronotype articles, I’m married to a bear. My husband doesn’t struggle much getting up early, can take a long nap in the afternoon, and still fall asleep easily at night. The problem I have with this bear is his strong will to fix my sleep schedule. Although he doesn’t disrupt my sleep by forcing me to get up the same time he does, he prefers if I don’t stay up super late. Looking at our situation from his point of view, I’m already causing a mild tension with my inability to fall asleep early. Working on a graveyard shift is even more unhealthy for me and my relationship.

In this case, since the Philippines is 13 hours ahead of Central time, it means I have to work on a Friday night and lose half of Saturday fun to sleep. That sucks! πŸ™

So there, I’m saying no to night shift for good. But, shoutout to all the hardworking graveyard shift people. Trust me, I know the feeling. Just try to get some sleep whenever possible. Take care!