Prs Black Is Not What I Meant, Google Please Stop

I’m a tad bit frustrated that whenever I search for “prsnlafk”, Google sees that as a typo. Did you mean: prs black [?], says Google. Heck no, I replied, as I proceeded to punch a hole through my Full HD monitor. Of course, I did not do that, just kidding. Instead, I dived into the ocean of knowledge, that is the internet, and learned that this is a common issue. It has happened to businesses that brand themselves with made-up words and even people with celebrity-sounding names like Alex Baldwin. Try Googling Alex Baldwin and it’s still getting the Google “did you mean” treatment.

Actually, I’m not pulling my hair out over this, but I’m taking the opportunity to create an article using prs black as a target keyword. Kinda curious if it would have any effect on my search results at all. Consider this documenting how long it takes for Google to recognize a peculiar domain as an actual clean domain and not a typo. I could have just used a combination of dictionary words, but where’s the fun in that. I’m guessing this flaw in Google search results stems from the need to take action against cybersquatting. Unfortunately, it affects even harmless domains, especially newer domains like mine.

I remember a couple of weeks back, the search suggestion/replacement for my domain name was “prsnl afk”, which pulled up results for a personal training site called AFK Fitness. I’m low-key offended because I need to lose weight, I know. Not sure when it switched to “prs black”, although I can tell you I have zero guitar playing skills and absolutely not even related to anyone selling guitars. Is this a message from the guitar gods that I should learn how to play the guitar? Great, I finally found my true purpose: to become a sexy guitarist.

In Other News: AMP Issues Fixed for Prs Black PRSNLAFK

Hurray for today! My AMP worries are over. The issue that’s been bugging me for weeks was: An AMP component ‘script’ tag is present more than once in the document. I have ads on some parts of this site and for some reason, inserting the amp-ad script code in the header is seen as an issue in Search Console. I removed the code below to make the error go away:

<script async custom-element="amp-ad" src=""></script>

The other two errors were due to my attempts to insert HTML badge codes, which I ended up deferring until I figured out how to do it properly. It’s a low priority anyway.

Validation took three days and I’m so happy with the outcome.

AMP Issues Fixed for Prs Black err PRSNLAFK
All Valid AMP Pages

So there…

I just turned off my alarm to cook dinner and I’m not thrilled. Bye.