How Are Things? How’s It Going? How You Doin’?

Pain relief patches are what’s going on with me. Got one on my wrist and elbow area. Maybe I need a menthol patch for my lonely heart too. LMAOROTFBTCSTC – NDBFOOTWIFOAGWLLBG – WTHROOTSAIAKBAYB.

Wow, time flies. I didn’t mean to not post anything for the past 2 months but life keeps happening. Apologies to my non-existent fans. By the way, shout out to all the YouTubers creating sweet Lofi jams. I really appreciate what you guys do. Your music is one of the things keeping me from losing it. Thank you.


So what’s up? Other than the inevitable slow death from my millennial computer job, I’d say everything’s okay so far. Bills are paid, enough food in the kitchen, Netflix membership is active.

My mental health is quite alright I suppose. I barely even watch the news anymore. It has become numbing at this point, I mean, month after month of waiting for life to go back to “normal”. I’ve never been farther than 2 meters from our house since March.


The only time I ever set foot outside is to take out the trash once or twice a week. When I accept deliveries during the day and the sunlight is at a certain angle, I spend about 5 minutes getting a bit of sunshine like a house plant.

On a positive note, most food deliveries in my area have been fantastic amidst the pandemic. Sort of hit or miss since most are homemade but the variety of dishes and quality are satisfactory in general. I really appreciate people who take the time to leave honest reviews.


My husband is the only human being I have physically interacted with on a daily basis since the virus. We’re alright I guess. Our marriage is like that line in the Evanescence song: Lithium.

Darling, I forgive you after all. Anything is better than to be alone.


If I’m being honest with myself, I feel quite relieved that we sort of moved past the infidelity issue. Simply because I don’t have anywhere to go. Although deep down I still feel sad and broken.

Anyway, for right now, we are existing together in this motherfucking house. We are kind of “alone together”. I’m busy with work and he’s busy creating content for his new YouTube channel so that’s that.