BPPV Is Stopping Me From Going to War With China

I feel like I can squeeze in one post today. The past 2 months have been insanely busy for me. I actually had another BPPV attack in mid-January and I’m still coping with lingering dizziness to date. Is this how it’s going to be for the rest of my life?

This sucks. I can function, move around and work on my computer but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look down again without fear of restarting a vertigo episode. The last two attacks were both triggered by that head movement. I can only briefly glance down when doing simple tasks like ironing clothes, putting socks on, or washing rice in the kitchen.

I feel slightly better some days, but there’s always this annoying sporadic lightheadedness. In other words, I don’t feel normal. I haven’t felt 100% normal since the first BPPV attack. The only consolation I have is getting rid of nystagmus within 1-2 days by doing the Epley maneuver. I didn’t have to suffer from nausea anymore.

Every day I go out and take a walk when the sun is out to get my daily dose of Vitamin D. Hopefully, it stops any more vertigo attacks from happening in the future.

BPPV Unplugged

I uninstalled TikTok to reduce my screen time, although I think I need to cut back some more on other internet-related activities outside of work. 36 years’ worth of bad habits finally caught up to me I guess. Watch out for your late 30’s kids. It’s all downhill from here.

On the bright side, I’ve been sleeping better lately with the help of silicone earplugs. It takes a bit of getting used to, but for me, it’s definitely more comfortable than foam earplugs that you have to stick inside your ear. I wish I learned about it sooner so I didn’t have to avoid sleeping in the same room as my father on family vacations.

And now I can sleep through my husband’s 3 AM snoring session. He’s a non-positional snorer, meaning he snores in every sleeping position. I’m sure there are possible treatments out there and a plethora of advice but we must acknowledge the fact that most snorers are assholes even when they’re awake. My mom recorded my father’s snoring, showed it to him, and he simply brushed it off saying it wasn’t that bad. I did the same to my husband, same reaction, I’m the one overreacting.

Anyway, thanks to the couple who invented silicone earplugs.


Stating the obvious here, the world is in pretty bad shape. This pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine situation among other things. Like what in the actual fuck, what year is it? Might I add, we have an ongoing maritime dispute with China too. World peace is an impossible dream.

We got our Moderna booster shot earlier today. I’m not feeling anything out of the ordinary at the moment, fingers crossed, I don’t experience any side effects in the next couple of days.

Ugh, I better get some rest. I need to be in tip-top shape if we’re going to war with China hehe bye.