Cursed Pandemic and Pacific Typhoon Belt Combo

I am doing the laundry while waiting for the groceries I ordered. Guess I could write something here, haven’t posted in a while. Typhoon Ulysses just finished wreaking havoc in my city by the way.

The good news is my family and I are all okay. We live in different cities but collectively, no property damages no one got hurt. As for me, the power went out for like 13 hours and the internet service is still down in my area. Thank heavens for mobile data.

The bad news, on the other hand, is seriously bad. Probably no need for me to explain, you may have already seen it on TV or your social media feeds. This typhoon is life-threatening in some parts of my country.


I didn’t sense any of my neighbors in distress during and after the typhoon but I remember hearing sirens the morning after. Sounded like from a few blocks away I’m not entirely sure. I can only hope it’s not an extreme case.

Come to think of it, this is the first strong typhoon I’ve ever experienced in this home. And by strong, I mean it actually caused disruption in power supply and internet service. We get 20 typhoons on average but most of them only feel like average thunderstorms. The last time I experienced something like this was in 2009 (wasn’t living here yet) when tropical storm Ondoy hit. Not even classified as a typhoon here though internationally it was known as Typhoon Ketsana.


I attended a corporate party and couldn’t come home for 2 days because Ondoy joined the after-party. I had to spend the night with some work friends at a random inn somewhere as none of the roads were passable due to flooding. It’s a blessing that my savage friends packed leftovers from the party, otherwise, we’d have air for dinner.

We practically begged the inn to give us a place to stay at almost midnight because we had nowhere else to go. None of us cared about the amenities or whatever at that point, we just needed a place to crash. Sleeping in the car wasn’t an option because we’re like 8 people in a sedan.

Well anyway, the point of my recollection is if you’re going to be out partying in the Philippines during the rainy season, know the flooding situation in the area, bring extra undies, and an umbrella. Sorry for trying to lighten up the mood.


Going back to Typhoon Ulysses, although I cannot physically help with the ongoing rescue operations, the least I can do is spread the word that on top of the pandemic situation, there are people in my country in need of assistance to recover from the typhoon.

But my God, this happens almost every year in this country and nothing ever changes. People are doing the same thing over and over again.

Finished writing this yesterday at noon and internet service was restored last night but I had a long nap which is why I’m only publishing this now.