Past Two Weeks of My Life

Just a quick post here to talk about what’s going on with my life for the past two weeks. Or pretty much since the last time I posted. My husband is snoring the night away so I can safely blog here without crippling anxiety. I hate that guy and I’m honestly keeping a list of things I don’t like about him. I will write about that someday when I’m done collecting data. Marriage is a sick deal, kids. But I wanted this so now I’m living with the consequences.

First off, I’ve been busy with work again, which is great. So I got two freelancing projects now. Unfortunately, one of the two requires working Eastern time so hurray for being a wolf, I’m up at night again. Not all night though, only for four hours so I guess it’s not that bad. I need to keep working to stay sane. Funny how adulting works, right? Work stresses me out, but not having a job is the worst. The past 2-3 months definitely made me feel that 2019 is not my year. I can’t pinpoint the lowest point in my life, but struggling to find a freelance project after all these years would be in my top 10 FML list.

I realized how much of a burden I am to my husband if I’m not making any money. My husband is an okay provider. He carries most of our financial responsibilities, but he relies on me to take care of the power and water bills at least. Despite the fact that I am married and no longer living with my parents, I still send them money monthly. In my brief “low on funds moment”, my husband had to shoulder everything. Sure, he gave me money when I asked him for it, but not without questions. I can’t really blame him for being short with me. I guess I just hoped for a gentler approach. It’s not like I’m not trying to find work.

[Sh!t, he suddenly woke up to go to the bathroom. That guy probably thinks I’m still working. But I opened a bunch of other sites to be safe. hehe]

Ugh, my husband keeps twirling on his side of the bed trying to go back to sleep. I can’t concentrate anymore so bye for now.