North America Needs My Superpowers

Guess who’s back to the vampire shift. Well, actually I don’t need to stay up until morning but sleep is eluding me. I know I said I’ll try to post something at least once a week, which is obviously not the case. October is almost over with nothing published in the current month prior to this. Oh my god, I need to cut my fingernails. cuts fingernails


I ordered a bottle of supplements that I’ve been taking since last week. Not sure if it’s working, I’m still a pretty dark person on the inside. I am not taking it to remedy my 30+ years of clownery anyway so I guess it helps a little. Mainly for retaining focus while performing productive adult stuff. Coffee does not agree with my digestive system so it’s a no for me.

To be honest, I looked up Adderall alternatives which eventually led me to the discovery of adaptogen supplements. I’ve been feeling like shit lately, not gonna lie. I even thought of buying a pack of cigarettes and secretly learning how to smoke. Surprise MF, I’ve never smoked to this day. I think I’m alright with my veggie capsule Adderalls.


Eastern Time equals cash money. My attempt to live as a morning person didn’t last long as I have been summoned back to the shift of the living dead. Like I said previously, I don’t have a problem working at night. In fact, I find it easier to stay up late than get up early. My problem is dealing with interrupted sleep caused by normal people functioning on GMT/UTC +8.

If I can help it, I should really stop online shopping at night. Simply because it means dealing with the hell of waiting for deliveries during the day. But then again, that is IF I can stop myself from ordering useless things on the internet, hehe.

Also, I shouldn’t blog after work yet here I am. Better get some shut-eye.