Wake Me Up When September Ends

Ah shit, here we go again. The world probably knows by now that we have the longest Christmas season. Our malls are already wild with fake Christmas trees and decors since the start of September. Christmas carols in the air. TBH, I’m not feelin’ it. Come to think of it, the last time I remember being happy when the season comes was over 20 years ago. You know what I’m saying, the genuine feeling of excitement, I don’t have that anymore. Sure, I (sort of) still look forward to family time, but it’s the kid-level joy that I miss.


What scares me the most about the Christmas season: rEuNiOnS. Notably, the pressure from my parents to attend goshdarn reunions with our relatives, on both sides of the family, that we never talk to all year long. I know, I’m not alone in this. Just venting.

Gatherings are bigger on my father’s side. They take reunions seriously. One time I asked why we need to attend these awkward parties and my parents’ explanation was to avoid incest. It is important that we know all our cousins, even the distant ones. So I was like, eww okay. And with that in mind, the elders still expect us to have wholesome holiday fun.

Perhaps I should offer to build a website with our entire family tree so we don’t have to endure severe discomfort on a yearly basis. We can all simply refer to the online tree to ascertain forbidden beings and live our best lives away from each other.

Close Enough

There is something I still look forward to. Horror specials and scary movie marathons. Halloween. Dark like my soul.

I can even say I’m happy when Halloween comes. There’s no autumn in my country, but I’ve experienced it in the US and I quite like it. The pumpkin spice latte and Ugg boots trend did not rub off on me though.

I don’t like crowds so I can’t tell you anything about costume parties even in my own country, although I gotta say the weather is nice here too towards the end of October, which happens to be Halloween.

So yeah, I succeeded in evading the urge to take a nap again and actually posted something this week! #winwin