First Official Online Diary/Journal/Blog Entry

I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time making unnecessary changes to this site. A substantial chunk of that wasted time was spent rolling back changes whenever I break things. But I think now I can finally focus on blogging knowing that all elements are working as they should. Time to publish my groundbreaking first official online diary entry.

First Official Online Diary H2: So What’s Up?

I’m feeling kind of dispirited because I’m down to one part-time gig and that troubles me. I guess I could use my free time to do some cleaning.

Our house is a mess. I washed the dishes and folded our clothes that have been sitting on the sofa for maybe two days. I hate the whole process of doing the laundry and folding clothes.

When I was a child I remember telling my mom that I blame Eve for this chore. If she didn’t consume that friggin forbidden fruit, we don’t need clothes because it’s okay to live our best lives naked.

I haven’t had a meal today, just chips and soy milk. There are leftover pizza and chicken in the fridge but I don’t have the appetite. And I planned on saving those for dinner so I don’t have to cook. Hurray.

I Should Make A List

I’m trying to write this post like those online diaries, but I keep getting distracted by the thought: “talk about this in another post”.

I’ll tell you the randomness that’s in my head right now.

I am simultaneously thinking about my water intake, the lack of freelance gigs, the love+loathing for my husband and family (extended family included), this huge zit on my left jaw, friends I don’t talk to anymore, what if I was “extra” back in high school, childhood trauma, etc.

Anyway, I have to end this post here because my husband just got home and I need to prepare the leftover pizza dinner. Cheers to posting my first official online diary entry.